A Stroll At Leisure With God

Speak Well

I threw up my breakfast, all of it, AGAIN. I guess it doesn’t matter what I eat. Oh, well.

At the clinic, yesterday, the main concern was my neck. Today, I have to go get a CT scan on it just to make sure it isn’t cancer. One more thing. It has been bothering me for over five weeks. Something is wrong.

Plus, I have got to go in every day for fluids and every day they have increased my medicine a significant amount. So we will see about that.

Finally, the doc said, “Go ahead and take oxycodone again just so you feel better. It is such a low dose.” He could already see me shaking my head. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve taken now 120 hours to get off this devil. Then, he recommended Percocet. I found out just a little later that Percocet involves oxycodone and Tylenol. Nope. Not going to do that either. I am getting off oxycodone.

The nurse said that it was up to me the patient in matters like these. Maybe I could see how things go and then decide later. Ok.

Crazy. They give out this stuff like candy with no thought of how long it is going to take to get off of it. Crazy.

I’m not advocating NOT following the doctor, but in this instance, I just can’t …

“This is scary: You can take a tiger, but you can’t take a tongue—it has never been done” (James 3, MSG).

In this instance, I have to watch my tongue more than ever, because I think I know more than the doctor. I don’t.

Lord, I am thankful for my tongue because with it can praise and bless You, but I have to be careful because with it also I can curse man, especially my doctor. Help me watch it and be wise. Amen.